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Instructor Internship

get invaluable hands-on experience team-teaching with experienced instructors and gain 25 certifications

Once you've completed the IDC and the IE, you're fully qualified to teach Open Water through to Divemaster students. But you still may be a little unsure about the structure of the courses, or the logistics of what equipment is needed for which dives, or the best techniques for controlling a large group underwater.

The Instructor Internship lets you team teach with highly experienced instructors who can give you important tips and tricks on how to teach, organise your time and keep your students happy.

Increase your employment opportunities

Furthermore, the Instructor Internship greatly increases your chances of employment. Instructors who have completed the Internship have found employment on Koh Tao within four weeks of finishing

Watching senior instructors teaching is as important as the IDC itself. Many of our instructors have over 1000 certifications and are happy to provide their insights into the most effective teaching methods. By team-teaching with several different instructors through the internship, you will have a large collection of different approaches to adapt to your own teaching style.

Gain the Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating

As part of the Internship, you will also complete the Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating, gaining five Specialty Instructor ratings such as Enriched Air, Night, Deep, Navigation, Equipment Specialist and more. You choose your own Instructor Specialities depending on your interests.

You will gain your 25 certifications from teaching students during your Instructor Internship, ranging from Open Water to Divemaster. This will give you the necessary skills, experience and impressive resume to easily find dive work in the future.

There is no time limit to the Internship - you can continue to team teach with other instructors as long as you wish.

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scuba success stories

Manuel - Internship, IDC Manuel Tobolars (28)
Bavaria, Germany
Instructor Internship and IDC
How did you hear about Bans? Recommendation from a friend
Best thing about the Internship? You can start your MSDT straight away and specialise in extra areas of diving
Future plans? Work on Koh Tao for a while and eventually open my own dive shop somewhere!

David - Internship, IDC and Divemaster David Scanlan (25)
Manchester, England
Instructor Internship and IDC and Divemaster
How did you hear about Bans? Did my divermaster at Sunshine - Ban's sister company
Best thing about the Internship? The sprecialities are so much fun and the experience you gain teaching with experienced instructors is invaluable.
Future plans? Not sure, keep diving thats a certainty though!

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