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IDC - Instructor Development Course

Teach scuba diving for a living! The IDC will fully prepare you to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

The IDC is a 12 day course plus a further 3 days of extra presentations that teaches you how to instruct recreational scuba diving and prepares you for the PADI Instructor Exam. You take the Instructor Exam directly after the Instructor Development Course. Once you have passed the IE, you are certified as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and able to teach Open Water, Advanced, Rescue and Divemaster students.

Award winning IDC program

The Koh Tao IDC Group has won numerous awards for the excellence of its Instructor Development Course. This is because the course goes beyond the minimum required. We do not only prepare candidates for the Instructor Exam, we also make sure that they are fully confident about teaching once certified.

Candidates work with Guillaume and our staff as well as each other to build on their existing scuba knowledge. Through numerous open water, confined water and academic presentations, each candidate gets to individually improve their teaching skills both in and out of the water. Candidates are also continually retested on their knowledge of Divemaster theory topics to ensure full understanding of all areas. Best of all, lunch is provided free each day!

The IDC makes for an intense but extremely rewarding 10 days and provides maximum support for passing the Instructor Examination.

EFR Instructor included in the IDC package

After the IDC, we also train you to become an Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor, which is a pre-requisite to becoming an Open Water Scuba Instructor.

Our IDCs are held in air-conditioned classrooms by the beach and we have 2 top quality swimming pools for Confined work and a large, comfortable dive boat for Open Water presentations.

Here's what's included in Every IDC Package:

  • :: Fundiving 6 weeks prior to the IDC Start date (max two dives/day)
  • :: Divemaster refresher course during 6 weeks prior to the IDC Start date including
  • :: Preparation Course
  • :: Assistant Instructor Course
  • :: Open Water Scuba Instructor
  • :: EFR Instructor
  • :: Language translation for non-english speakers
  • :: Lunch during the IDC
  • :: Free PADI Oxygen Provider Instructor course
  • :: Divemaster Theory review, Skill practice in Confined Water, Assisting on courses etc.
  • :: Rental fee of diving equipment during the preparation phase and during the IDC
  • :: Extended IDC with many added classrooms presentations and water sessions
  • :: T-Shirt

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scuba success stories

May - IDC May (20)
Skien, Norway
How did you hear about Bans? Been coming to Koh Tao since I was 14 and did all my courses up to DM at Sunshine Divers, Ban's sister shop in the south of the island.
Best thing about the IDC? Making great friends and helping each other along the way.
Future plans? Exploring the underwater world!

Ayesha - IDC and Divemaster Ayesha Cantrell (30)
Cleethorpes, UK
IDC and Divemaster
How did you hear about Bans? Highly recommended by people in my local dive shop in Sydney, Australia!
Best thing about the IDC? Feeling very well prepared and very comfortable with the prospect of instructing
Future plans? Working my way as an Instructor across Asia Pacific and getting experience in underwater videography

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