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PADI Divemaster

Unlimited dives and full tuition for your first steps into professional diving

Love diving enough that you want unlimited dives on the beautiful sites of Koh Tao? Interested in learning more about the underwater world and our place within it? Want to help others get the most out of their diving? Thinking about getting work as a professional diver? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then the Koh Tao IDC Group's Divemaster package is for you.

Greatly improve your dive skills

Becoming a Divemaster is the first professional rating in the PADI system. Not only will you greatly improve your own dive skills during your time as a Divemaster Trainee (DMT), you will also learn how to take care of other divers by briefing them and leading them on recreational dives.

DMTs also act as valuable assistants to PADI Instructors by helping with students on Open Water, Advanced and Rescue courses, gaining important insight on how these courses are taught.

Learn up to Instructor level

During the Divemaster course, DMTs study important diving topics such as Diving Physiology and the Recreational Dive Planner and are required to understand these subjects as an Instructor would. Many dive schools only give their DMTs a self-study option for the theory section of the course, expecting them to pass the Divemaster exams only through reading the required books. At Koh Tao IDC Group, we provide full classroom based lectures to ensure you understand these topics and get a chance to discuss them with other DMTs too!

The theory section of the Divemaster course is challenging but enjoyable and prepares you well for advancing to Instructor level. DMTs can take as long as they like pursuing the Divemaster course - the average length of time is around 2 months, but many stay much longer.

Find work as a diving professional

Once you become a Divemaster, you will be a certified professional diver and a member of PADI. This allows you access to the PADI website's employment discussion boards, which features hundreds of jobs for Divemasters and Instructors.

As a PADI Divemaster you'll be able to:

  • :: Generally supervise both training and non training related diving activities by planning, organizing and directing dives
  • :: Conduct the PADI Scuba Review program for certified divers
  • :: Act as a certified instructional assistant to PADI Instructors
  • :: Supervise participants in PADI experience programs for certified divers
  • :: Teach and certify PADI Skin Divers
  • :: Enrol in PADI Instructor level training


To qualify for PADI Divemaster training, you'll need to:

  • :: Be certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent).
  • :: Be certified as a PADI Rescue Diver (or equivalent).
  • :: Have logged a minimum of 20 open water dives prior to entry into PADI Divemaster training, and completed and logged a minimum of 60 open water dives with experience in night, deep and navigation prior to certification as a PADI Divemaster.
  • :: Be at least 18 years old.
  • :: Be in good physical condition for diving and submit a medical exam form signed by a physician.

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scuba success stories

Erin - Divemaster Erin Edwards (22),
Aukland, New Zealand
How did you hear about Ban's? Read about it on the Lonely Planet
Best thing about the Divemaster course?Helping a very nervous student gain confidence while assisting a course
Future plans? Getting work as a Divemaster to save money for the IDC

Michaela - DivemasterMichaela Richter (21),
Stuttgart, Germany
How did you hear about Ban's? Through internet search
Best thing about the Divemaster course?Getting to assist many different instructors
Future plans?Going back to university to study biology

Mathias - Divemaster Mathias Nilsson (27),
Hasselholm, Sweden
Open Water to Divemaster
How did you hear about Ban's? From a Swedish website
Best thing about the Divemaster course? Getting experience in leading divers
Future plans? IDC in a month!

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