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PADI Course Director Guillaume Fargues welcomes you to the Koh Tao IDC Group. We teach the Instructor Development Course at Banís Diving, one of the longest-established dive schools here on Koh Tao, one of Thailand's most beautiful islands.

Over the last years Banís Diving has successfully certified over 850 instructor candidates and over 1000 Divemasters. In 2011, Banís reached the milestone of 100,000 PADI certifications at all levels and certified nearly 14,000 students during that year alone!

We guarantee that you will pass the Instructor Exam to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor if you join us and our staff for the Instructor Development Course.

Our Instructor Internship program lets you quickly gain invaluable hands-on experience team teaching with experienced instructors after your IDC. The Koh Tao IDC Group's network of contacts can help get you a dive job soon after you complete your training. The internship is an essential tool to gaining real-world teaching experience and 25 certifications, thus making your resume even more attractive to employers.

For Divemasters, we offer one of the most comprehensive packages around, including unlimited dives and full theory tuition - we provide flexible, step-by-step teaching led by our dedicated PADI Course Director Tim Hunt. You can take as long or as little time over your Divemaster course as you like - six weeks or six months, the choice is yours.

You will find more about our three professional programs - Divemaster, IDC and Instructor Internship Ė while surfing on this site. We have also included links to help you find out more about Koh Tao and its idyllic beaches and relaxed lifestyle.

Please feel free to email us if you have further questions about the Koh Tao IDC Group's diving programs. We look forward to seeing you here on Koh Tao!

scuba success stories

Debbie - IDC Andrea Fix (27)
Genova, Italy, 27
How did you hear about Bans?From a friend who had a great experience here and recommended it.
Best thing about the IDC? The atmosphere is really relaxed but the course is serious and they get you there.
Future plans? Stay on Koh Tao and try to get a job, hopefully at Ban’s

Ashleigh - Divemaster Ashleigh England (24),
Southampton, UK
How did you hear about Bans?From a friend who was working here as a Divemaster
Best thing about the Divemaster Course? Diving every day and learning to lead people under water
Future plans? Go home for a while, save up some money and come back for the IDC

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